Ukraine Digging Trenches along the Border – No End to Putin’s Aggression

The State Border guard service of Ukraine using trench digging machine to dig out Tunnels & Bunkers on the Russia - Ukrainian Border preparing for any eventuality. As Putin tries to reset the outcome of the Cold War in one fell swoop. Aggression, is defined as an act or policy of expansion carried out by one state at the expense of another by means of an unprovoked military attack. Something Putin has done in Georgia,…

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On December 5, this train arrived at the Yelnya field camp near Smolensk

Date and place of filming - 4.12.21, station Polushkino (near Kubinka) Other activity at Maslovka station This train with 2S9 "Nona-S" self-propelled guns unloaded on December 2 in Crimea and left for the next loading in the Caucasus The 126th Separate Coastal Defense Brigade of the RF Armed Forces was spotted marching on the Sevastopol-Dzhankoy highway section towards the border with Ukraine

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#Russian #FSB Setup a Precursor Excuse for Attacking #Ukraine

The information below is another in a long line of #Russian preparatory actions used to create a false narrative. The false narrative is consistent with past #FSB operations to condition the locals, the region, and the world. FSB FALSE FLAG OPERATION 🇷🇺🇺🇦⚡ FSB has information about a terrorist threat from Ukrainian intelligence The department reported the arrest of several employees of the Ukrainian intelligence services in the regions of Russia. Two were collecting information about…

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