Crimean activists want more cotton and fire for the military facilities of the occupiers of the Soviet Union. Friends are invited to start “smoking” in interesting places.

Civilians have nothing to fear, but Russian military facilities have come to an end. The army of the Russian Federation in Crimea will burn, this is a fire for grave sins for Bucha, Irpen, Gostomel, Mariupol and for the blood of Ukrainians. There is nothing stronger than nature, the fire will cleanse the Crimea from rashism.

The first rule of the “fire” club – we talk about the club and call on everyone who “likes how it burns, and the Russians run, hustle and bustle” – to join in burning out the aggressors.

We burn the raschits, the ground should burn under their feet.


Heliport Dzhankoy

45.7009178, 34.4169594

Airfield Guards

45.1126, 33.98009

International airport Sevastopol (Belbek)

HF to Sevastopol 44.56528, 33.51816

Kacha Air Base

44.78436, 33.54834

44.69035, 33.57336

Airbase Oktyabrskoe

45.31652, 34.09564

Where is the Fire? Crimea

By Treadstone 71

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