#Basij Cyber Battalions – Latest From Treadstone 71

#Basij #Cyber #Battalions "We must simultaneously attack the enemy in cyberspace. Use creativity and counteract the threat of the enemy by leveraging opportunities. In such circumstances, they may restrict or…

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Cyber Battalion Empowerment Courses in Abali – Iranian Basij Cyber Battalions

Iranian observers review of Basij Cyber Training ranging from cyber personas, denial and deception, hard core hacking, impersonation of groups associated with Reza Pahlavi and associated groups, trolling, and infiltration…

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Iran test fires new missile: Iran Revolutionary Guards commander

The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps tested a new missile. Reuters reported that the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps was testing a new rocket on Saturday.Maj. Gen. Hussein Salami, the new commander…

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Lab_Dookhtegan Number 19

Implementation of Cyber Threat Security Monitoring System (SATA)

اطلاعاتInformation in transit is secured in communication networks SATA stands for "Threat Information Sharing and Analysis System" The SATA systemaims to analyze and monitor cyber security vulnerabilities, as public and…

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Mikko, F-Secure, BlackHat2019, Iran, and prep’ing for DEFCON

All organizations make choices. None are beholden to another country's pressures or perspectives. They may sell or help any country as they wish. Choices made ... "Mikko Hypponen's view is…

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Iranian tracking of US Military flights

US Special Operation Command C146A Wolfhound military flight observed over #Saudi Arabia. 1398.05.17 2108 IRDT US #C-17 military plane flies from #Afghanistan to #Oman Sea. The aircraft is currently flying…

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