gas blackmail

#Russian #propaganda strengthens Europe’s energy #blackmail

RT International is the main mouthpiece of russian propaganda aimed at the Western audience. It has launched an active disinformation campaign on the consequences of the future energy crisis for European countries. Michael Hudson, Jean Bricmont, Adriel Kasonta are active participants of various RT International shows. They promote the following narratives via Twitter, YouTube and local foreign media: The US kills Europe because it is profitable that the West refuse from the russian gas The…

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gas all-in

The Cynic Yesterday was a turning point in the new stage of the war, say colleagues from Washington and London. The United States is abandoning the doctrine of restrained confrontation with Russia. The reason is that during the period of the war, the special services managed to draw conclusions "about the strategic worthlessness of the Russian armed forces, as well as the command." The old "doctrine of restrained counteraction" involved a gradual increase in Ukraine's…

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