Hybrid Warfare

Categorization in Cognitive Warfare

Categorizing the audience according to beliefs: the audience can be classified based on their attitude towards a message, i.e., their agreement or opposition. The type of message should be different for people who agree and disagree. A one-way message has the most impact on people who agree, and a two-way message has the most effect on people who disagree. While both elicit data.

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Reflexive Theory Part II

The media has caused us to be exposed to news at the speed of electricity and to analyze the news at the speed of wind. The environment around us is full of confusing news, misleading numbers and misleading words. Three issues aggravate this: High volume of news and analysis. More information means less opportunity to evaluate when we want to be first to repost. Fast-paced lifestyle: Today's life has become astronomically fast compared to 30…

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The theory of reflexive control

Reflexive control theory seeks to guide the target unconsciously in a predefined manner and often against their own interests. This can be done by influencing the enemy's information channels and sending messages that change the flow of information in the adversary's favor. An adversary makes a decision by acting in a manipulated information space, provoking emotional responses  People, commercial organizations, and information security groups are susceptibility to reflexive control is largely due to uncontrolled access…

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Trust Erosion in Cognitive Warfare

Trust is a critical asset that can be damaged or completely destroyed through a variety of applied cognitive weapons such as social media. People or institutions that seek to destroy this trust first identify major gaps in the target society and then intensify them in a way that causes distrust towards the honesty and motivation of others in society. https://cybershafarat.com/2022/12/07/cognitive-warfare/ Research studies in the field of cognitive hybrid warfare show that intelligence operations will necessarily…

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Hybrid Warfare Integration across STEMPLES Plus

In simple words, hybrid war can be the attack of an entity (either government or faction) towards the opposite opponent by using non-kinetic tools of power such as "economy, politics, culture, information and cyber (STEMPLES Plus)" with the intention of creating and obtaining a strategic result. https://cybershafarat.com/2021/05/06/what-the-f-is-stemples-plus/ Cognitive warfare must be effectively integrated across land, sea, air, space, and cyber operations and then delivered through a hybrid think tank.Undoubtedly, coordination between cognitive warfare and other…

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