“Remember everything. And all of them”: Gaddafi, Taylor, Milosevic, and now Putin is internationally wanted

Bunker Putin really wanted to go down in history as a “land collector,” but now he will go down there as a full-fledged member of the “good company” of scoundrels, murderers and kidnappers.

Let’s remind a little who else among the presidents was announced as an international wanted: Uhuru Kenyatta from Kenya, and Laurent Gbagbo from the Ivory Coast, and the Sudanese “eternal” ruler Omar al-Bashir. All of them are united by the same crimes – usurpation of power, torture, war crimes, initiation of wars and inter-ethnic enmity.

There was a rumor that you are not healthy, your hands are shaking, that’s the trouble,

You take care of yourself Molvova, we are waiting for great things.
Smell the “borshchik” Ukrainian, chew horseradish at night – it is useful.

And do not be sad what awaits The Hague. There is a world boarding house.

Glory to Ukraine!!!
Live Belarus!!!

Belarus Gulag

By Treadstone 71

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