Any success in the digital penetration war can be measured by the target’s behavior.
aspect refers to the cognitive aspects of information warfare or, in simpler terms, questions related to the “mind.”

A study on the use of different concepts focusing on #hybrid_war was conducted by Igor Nikolaychuk, head of the Russian Center for Regional Security.

Igor realized that hybrid wars include a number of different themes such as, “the use of #chaos_theory, controlled chaos in international politics, activities to change political regimes in different countries and the preparation and implementation of #color_revolutions and #soft_revolutions” in Society is the opponent.

Dr. Nogovitsyn also warns by emphasizing the importance of the role of information warfare in future wars:

“In the next few years, the leading world powers will have the opportunity to wage a full-scale war in the field of #information.”

By Treadstone 71

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