Influence can be used as an effective tool for destabilization when certain segments of society are encouraged to adopt and promote certain views, especially against those of other groups.

A clear example of cognitive warfare is that Russia’s interference in popular elections is all over the world. Such attacks are actually part of a big campaign aimed at reducing trust in democratic nations at the international level and also weakening the Western world, especially the United States.

The first time in the countries of the Baltic region, including {Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania}

Accusations and warnings about the expansion of Russia’s efforts were raised and then extended to Western powers such as the United States, England, and Germany.
We assumed that the ultimate goal of Russia is the inability of its enemies, and with this approach, this country is allowed to expand its global scope in a surprising way. With the deception and polarization of public opinion in the community of Western powers, those countries are forced to pay more attention to the interior in order to resolve the disorder caused by accusations of foreign interference or collusion in their elections.

According to the actions taken and other developments, such countries may lose their “sustainable authority” on the world stage or may not be able to defend themselves and their allies against successive Russian aggressions.

To achieve such a goal, Moscow must convince the people of democratic societies that their governments and electoral systems are unreliable and illegitimate.

Instability begins with the use of influence and influence over time. The countries of the Baltic region are exposed to Russia’s cognitive warfare efforts due to various factors. Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania are under the shadow of such a campaign due to their geographic proximity to Russia, historical ties, ethnic Russian populations, and access of “residents” to Russian state-controlled media.

Therefore, an effective digital narrative in the cognitive warfare environment is actually a narrative that can be absorbed and influenced by its audience almost immediately.

By Treadstone 71

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