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SECURITY 360 LLC: On November 24 – 25, we invite security officers, analysts, business intelligence officers, IT / information security specialists to the final conference-training “Corporate security’2022. Trends, problems and solutions”.

  • Two days of expert presentations, comprehensive analysis, open discussions and search for optimal solutions.
  • All issues are considered in the context of the current geolithic and socio-economic situation.
  • Deep problem-oriented reports, real cases.

Each day of the conference is dedicated to its own theme. You can participate in the full program or choose one of the days:

November 24 – OSINT, cybersecurity and digital risks.
November 25 – Economic security and the human factor.

Key speakers and speech topics:

  • Andrey Masalovich, curator and leading teacher of “Security 360” on Internet intelligence, information search and analysis — On the use of Internet intelligence and OSINT for business security and risk management
  • Sergey Zolotukhin, Development Manager at Group IB – React or lose. How the changing landscape of cyber threats affects the development of a cyber attack countermeasures system
  • Sayan Dondokov, ex-Head of Government Relations at Deloitte, world-class GR expert – GR is the answer to corporate security challenges. Features of GR work in Russia and abroad.
  • Andrey Zakharov, SPARK Project Development Director, Interfax Group — Checking counterparties: we are the first to react
  • Vyacheslav Pankratiev, Leading Lecturer “Security 360” in the field of corporate security and risk management — Personnel security in 2022. New risks of organizations and solutions
  • Dmitry Boroschuk, cybersecurity researcher, head of BeHolderIsHere consulting agency — Insider protection – practices and tools for protecting corporate and personal information if you have a limited budget.
  • Alexey Pleshkov, independent expert on information security of banks — Social engineering: statistics and current scenarios in 2022
  • Alexey Filatov, expert in operational psychology and profiling “Security 360” — What information do we leave about ourselves on the Internet? Analysis of digital traces to search for personal “vulnerabilities” of the individual
  • Mira Pyatova, HR Director, outsourcing company “Bridge Group” — Mobilization, relocation and other realities of work with personnel. How to adapt to new conditions? Valery Komarov, professional IS blogger, CII security specialist — Interrelations between IS and ES services in the field of Decree of the President of the Russian Federation N250

All relevant information about the program and speakers is on the page

For subscribers of the Cyberded channel, a 10% discount on participation using the Cyberded360 promo code.

For any participation questions, please contact SECURITY 360, +7 985 888-52-69,

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