In May of this year, XakNet was directed to attack Kropyva infrastructure and disrupt command and control.

Killnet and their minions were recruited to join in:

From xaknetTo all DDoSers:

Target 1 (ports 80,443,8080,9080,7443) (ports 80,443,9443,11443) (ports 80,443,1443,9443,11443)

target 2: (

target 3:

target 4: (ports 80.443 and whatever)

target 5:

target 6:

target 7:

Goals are extremely important. This is no longer just pampering, so we ask all those who are not indifferent to join the attack.

Today, at 6 am Moscow time, the hacker group XakNet Team, together with the Killnet group, organized a spam attack on Telegram servers. This was one of the forms of interaction to disable the artillery guidance system of Ukraine. Along the way, a DDOS attack was carried out on the servers where the system itself was located.

To coordinate the aiming of artillery, information about the location of the enemy troops was required. Obtaining such data in the form of coordinates occurred by collecting data from civilians. Any person could connect to the Kropiva system and write or call via Telegram, providing the necessary coordinates. That is why the XakNet Team and Killnet organized a spam attack on Telegram, depriving the communication channel of the guidance system of the Ukrainian army.

This event well shows the emerging trend of sharing data from open sources of information, the civilian population and third-party services to perform the tasks of military conflicts.

Question: hacker group or Cybertroops? or it doesn’t matter to you!)))) The main thing is done?

DDosia Project and Comments from Other Orcs

“The Ukrainian program for the artillery fire correction system was developed by Logika. “Kropiva” allowed units to quickly exchange information, choose a strike point and give orders to individual guns or battalions. The software was installed on the tablets of the Ukrainian army or distributed via Telegram.
The blocking of the Kropiva system helped to reduce human losses and significantly weaken the capabilities of the Ukrainian army.”

Even Russian experts admit that we don’t have this, and this is one of the reasons for the “reductions and alignment of the front line” and “regroupings.”

XakNet Team: There are not many details. We met with the guys who participate in the SVO. They talked about Kropiva. We got the APK, looked where it was knocking and decided not to be smart, just DDoSed it. At first they tried with the joint efforts of colleagues, the result was not enough, as she got up. We took a time-out for the night, bought a bunch of servers, and in the morning shied away to the fullest. This time she lay as long as we needed it

Hackers from the Russian XakNet Team downed the servers of the Ukrainian surveillance and targeting system Kropiva in three minutes. They say that this is the first time such a skill has been used in the course of hostilities. For this – a letter, for help in the liberation of Krasny Liman.

The program was developed by the Ukrainian firm “Logika”. “Kropiva” allowed units to quickly exchange information, choose a strike point and give orders to individual guns or battalions. The software was installed on the tablets of the Ukrainian army or distributed via Telegram.

On May 23, access to the application and any information was hacked in a matter of minutes. The blockade helped significantly reduce the capabilities of the Ukrainian army.

New attacks coming as Kropyva APKs and Instructions for use are exposed

Information Readily Available

Video instructions for Nettle/FireFlyFellow pilots, help us prioritize. On what topics should I first prepare video instructions for beginners who hold a quadcopter in their hands for the first time. The video will be prepared by the instructors of the piloting school and the Kropyva team. Viewing will be available in the Nettle resources.

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