Dear subscribers. Friends. It is very bitter for me to write about this, but … The situation is such that, according to operas. data, which we have no reason not to trust, there is a high threat of terrorist attacks against our enterprise.

The priority method can be either sending a parcel with the appropriate “stuffing” to the address of the enterprise, or personal transfer with subsequent activation via the radio channel.

In this regard, I have to inform you that we STOP accepting drones for firmware from individuals and legal entities. And from now on, we will take them ONLY from military units and exclusively by letter and invoice. Similarly with the FSB, RG and other services.

Volunteers are requested to cooperate with paramilitary organizations. Once again, I ask you to understand – the situation is not a joke. And we cannot risk terrorist attacks at the enterprise.

Thanks for understanding.

On drones, part 1

Of course, the individual skill of the performer allows you to “block” the failures of the performance characteristics of any technique. As well as surpassing the possibilities of technology allow leveling the lack of skill.

The importance of learning and honing a skill is an axiom. Management only in manual mode, orientation to the terrain and the use of offline maps on the second screen is a common truth.

We proceed from reality – the vast majority of drone operators combine a position and comprehend mastery empirically, and drone training is a must today!

Here are comments point by point:

1. “Does not give a stable FCC indication” – there are ways to check if the FCC mode is on. “Eats a battery” – it does not matter. Instead of 30 minutes it will be 25-28. Not essential.

2. “For iOS”… The iOS app forces the drone’s transponder to turn on. Never use iPhones! Life threatening!

3. “Requires a downgrade” – far-fetched argument. Firstly, not all drones need it – often drones need to be upgraded to the required firmware, and secondly, downgrade – the firmware of the previous version takes 10-20 minutes. Tolerable.

4. “Hidden unpleasant functions” – Western intelligence services can, theoretically, introduce them through the Drone-hacks website.

Exactly how DJI themselves do it publicly through drone firmware updates. And as experience shows, the soldier operators are striving to update both the drone and the DJI FLY software to the latest version. Than put themselves in much greater danger.

Drone-Hacks operates all over the world, and it makes no sense to spoil their reputation for the sake of CBO, burying their business.

The percentage of drones with such firmware in the CBO on our part is hardly more than 1%.

5. The paragraph about electronic warfare and NFZ is incomprehensible. But, as I understand it, electronic warfare has problems with such drones – drones work more stable. The usefulness of unlocking no-fly zones is confirmed.

6. Hiding the drone’s ID is turning off the transponder. The drone is absolutely not visible on the screens of Aeroscopes. Exclusively on the screens of Aeroscopes!!!! On other electronic warfare and radars, the drone, as a physical object in the sky, is perfectly visible both with and without the transponder turned on. These radars do not know at all about the existence of a transponder on board the drone, they do not read it and do not recognize it. They work exclusively on a physical object and its direction finding.

6a. There is one difference in the Aeroscope and the electronic warfare known to me – the range. An aeroscope within a radius of 50 km sees only DJI drones, and the detectors and drone suppressors known to me and available for purchase on the free market work to detect within a radius of 3 km, and suppress 2 km.

7. Regarding the cost… FCC+NFZ = 40 euros or 3000 rubles. Minuscule compared to the price of the drone. You can not even raise the issue of 40 euros!

8. The Pilot Position point is calculated by direction finding methods in an exceptionally small radius – the enemy must have very densely spaced electronic warfare equipment in this area.

Moreover, these tools take direction finding not only DJI, but absolutely any drones. All manufacturers.

I can imagine Aeroscopes spaced at 30 km steps. EW facilities with a step of 3 km along the front line – sorry, but this is a utopia.

9. “In other words …” – where such a conclusion comes from is completely incomprehensible. A stronger signal allows you to work further, an unlocked NFZ not only protects against spoofing, but also allows the drone to operate from an unattainable height (for example, 1 km).

Well, the switched off transponder provides the operator with absolute freedom – the VFU does not see the drone, does not wait, does not aim for the interception of the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe sky known to them in advance. And they do not cover the Home points, which the drone actively broadcasts throughout the flight.

10. “90% of drone pilots” … well, damn it. I can give an example of a height restriction in Izyum for a drone flight of 120 meters. Without unlocking the NFZ, all drones are disabled, they can be seen and heard perfectly at such a height, and it is impossible to work with them!

Checking if a drone is hacked or not is POSSIBLE AND NECESSARY – we have instructions. In addition, you need to flash drones yourself, and not trust commercial structures!

New Turkish aero waffle with excellent stabilization. And this has been a problem for all such developments for a long time.

This is Vlad Lobaev’s channel. Corp. is dedicated to his weapons.
“We write about what worries – me and the admins. About small arms, just the minimum – there are things more important than him.
Repost and comment on what you are interested in.”

Drones and Mailing

When a volunteer is faced with the question “what to buy for the front,” he buys a copter. Often this purchase is preceded by some “research”, as a result of which it turns out that you need not just any copter, but a “mavic”, sometimes even with the clarification “third”.

I’ll start with the simplest – the copter is not a magic item, the mere presence of which on the positions of the battalion increases the combat effectiveness of the unit at times. The copter is a tool for solving combat missions, namely reconnaissance and artillery fire adjustment. To perform this function, the drone must fly. And it needs batteries to fly.

I will make a lyrical digression. In the time that has passed since the beginning of the campaign, many units have received a copter, often even the coveted Mavic 3. Assembled by the caring hands of Chinese workers, it ended up on the LBS in the virgin state of the basic factory configuration. With one single battery. And he didn’t fly. At the same time, formally, everything was fine. Volunteers reported. The soldiers received a copter. The fact that it is impossible to work with him – it turns out after the fact.

For effective use, a minimum of 6 batteries must be included with each aircraft. Why a minimum – because, if possible, you need to buy more. Much more. Fire adjustment requires a long stay in the air, moreover, the carousel, that is, the group that performs this task must have 2 copters that change in the air. And each of them should have at least 6, and preferably 10-15 batteries.
But the devil is in the details – the batteries need to be charged. The factory hub for the notorious Mavic 3 allows you to insert 3 batteries into it. Accordingly, for every 3 additional batteries, there should be one more hub and power supply. In addition to regular ones, these ones showed themselves well.

Let’s get completely into the wild. The copter costs 200-300 thousand. Sometimes more if the seller is unlucky. But its use will be impossible if you do not buy IT for only 100 rubles. While you’re wondering what it is, I’ll give you a hint. Dji is no longer present on the Russian market and the lion’s share of its products comes to us from fraternal China as “gray imports”. With plugs designed for Chinese sockets. For a fighter on LBS, finding an adapter is not a trivial task. There are no radio markets. Therefore, do not be lazy and put adapters in the package, and preferably a few pieces, they are lost.

Recently, many have been buying not only a copter, but also a device for the operator – a phone or tablet. This is a very correct solution, but even here a few clarifications are required. Priority – screen brightness, operators work in the light. The other is security, so everything Apple does should be left to Moscow hipsters. No need to send them to the front. The optimal smartphone solution is Redmi 10S. Tablet – Xiaomi Mi Pad 5, which does not have a GPS module, which increases the safety of the operator. The minimum requirement is to provide at least a smartphone. Both a phone and a tablet are ideal, since the pilot has different tasks – sometimes mobility is a priority.

The devil is always in the details – if you send a tablet to the fighters, you should make sure that you can fly from it. You need a holder (for example, one like this) and a good long cable type c – type c, which also does not need to be saved, this is fraught with signal loss.
Well, absolutely to trifles, although there are no trifles in the war – memory cards (3-4 for 256 GB) and a card reader. This will allow recording and analyzing video of combat work.

And the last. Copters require activation. Out of the box, they are not able to fly – the fighters will have to look for the Internet to activate it.

Therefore, if you have already bought a copter, you need to carry out a series of actions: register mail, register a Dji account for it, launch this particular copter from it without updating the software. All logins and passwords must be written out on a piece of paper and enclosed in a case with a copter. You should not create SlavaSpecoperacii mail and other addresses saturated with the letter Z. If you are a major philanthropist and have bought 10, 20, 50 drones, you don’t need to link them all to one account. Yes, it requires time, but information security always requires it and always pays off.

Civilian drones are finding it increasingly difficult to work on the front lines. The level of Ukrainian electronic warfare is growing every day. In front of my eyes, the enemy took the mavic from the scouts and smashed it against the waste heap. Two days later it was my turn.

My rotorcraft friend accompanied the tank and began to change direction abruptly. All satellites disappeared and the signal from the drone was lost. When the screen lit up again, the copter was flying towards the APU positions. I was saved by the drone firmware from Vlad Lobaev, which increases the signal strength. Control was intercepted, and I dropped to one meter above ground level. At such a height, the enemy’s electronic warfare did not work, and I safely returned the birdie home.

After this incident, I talked with the fighters for a long time. As a result, it turned out that now most of the flight takes place over their positions. The drone is simply raised to a height of 300 meters and the art is adjusted using the zoom.

And then I realized that there were not enough tethered drones at the front. Our industry is capable of making a quadrocopter that will be powered by a cable and transmit a picture to the operator through it. He must fly 300 meters up and at least a kilometer ahead.

The advantages of this concept are obvious. The long duration of the flight, and the impossibility of intercepting this device by means of Reb – this is what UAV operators now lack. And they will cost less than their wireless counterparts. Now it is not uncommon for birds to lose already in the first flight. Two hundred thousand rubles for one flight is expensive, I personally think so.

Alexander Kharchenko

Dear friends, subscribers and guests of the channel! A small announcement-answer to the post “Older than Edda”. Yes, we continue to flash drones to dual-use configurations. And yes, the conditions are the same. Two hacks that we buy – at cost (and these are the amounts for official hacks). Our two are free. Although the specialists are fully loaded. The flow of applicants is huge. And you won’t refuse anyone. Everyone is really on point…

Continuation of the previous post on drones, part 2)

If you dive headlong into the conspiracy theory and believe that DX hacks really use some drone capabilities hidden under a tinfoil hat and “fire” something at the enemy – well, don’t put them on.

Fly low (sometimes at 30 meters) and with a weak signal.


Turning it off has absolutely no negative consequences.

Therefore, we do not hang our nose, and we do our job. In light of which, there are a few announcements for you:

1. For mini 2, mini se drones – now we are guaranteed to install only 3 and 4 hacks (free). Since the last batches that passed through us were with a large number of critical errors in the process of flashing to the target version for combat use! Until we figure out why this is happening, we will only install our hacks! And only if you agree with the risks of a drone not flying after work, or saved during the analysis of all these errors and flashed to the latest version. Because of what, it will be impossible to put invisibility on it. As a result, you will get a working drone, but unsuitable for combat conditions. Alas. So far, this is how it is with these models. Working on the cause, but…

2. Dear servicemen, employees of the RG, FSB and volunteers! Please do not write to the technicians who sew the machines directly! I understand that in 1.5 months their phones and tlg accounts have diverged quite widely. And scribble them without hesitation. But guys! You are distracting people from work! Have a conscience! With questions to the admin – @KaBanuks !!!

He will answer, explain, say what is needed and how to get there or send it through SDEK. Focus on conditions. There were no complaints so far, and everything seems to be correct. If questions of a technical nature arise already with him, then he himself will forward them to the right place !!! And, waiting for an answer, he will explain!

It will still be a much lesser burden for employees than answering texts, voice, calls, and even reflashing!

It’s one thing when you write that you are standing at the gates of the plant, and they need to leave, taking the devices from you. Here, of course, it is necessary to notify the arrival. And the other – when according to the general turnover, such as drones and versions of hacks for them. It eats up a lot of time, believe me.

While specialists are valuable. And they don’t just help you. So let’s stop distracting them, shall we? Good? What do you need? To the admin. Welcome.

Dear subscribers and guests of the channel! As well as all those who are interested in flashing drones for dual use (Army, FSB, National Guard, volunteers).

We report important information on drones!!!

In no case do not install updates if you have already purchased the device! It is better to send to us without opening the box. Why?

Yes, because starting from the May versions of the factory firmware on the Mavic3, Mini2, Air2 devices, the functionality has been significantly reduced. Up to the impossibility of using them at the front!

We will keep silent about the reasons why such updates suddenly came out right now. But there is an opinion that everyone will guess anyway.

In this regard, once again we kindly ask you to send the equipment in its original condition. As it is.

If you send via CDEK, leave a piece of paper with a contact number in the box. Is always. For clarifications and approvals.

Good afternoon again, dear guests and subscribers of the channel. We posted a post on flashing drones for functionality that is more appropriate in combat than its civilian version.

And it so happened that despite the availability of phones for communication, questions are asked either to the channel bot or to the admin. With what it is connected – I do not know, but, as they say, the fact is obvious. Therefore, we switch to the admin. All questions to him. We write as clearly and concisely as possible. Namely:

“There is such and such a model. The quantity is such and such. I need such and such. I have the ability to deliver to Tarusa or I do not have such an opportunity.”
Better, of course, to be…

The admin sorts and sends the total squeeze to the performers. Please do not spam. Short and to the point. Because otherwise he will “drown”.

P.S. If a person did not answer immediately, this does not mean that he does not see! Sees. Just busy with earlier calls. Be sure to write and take the order. Persons writing – “Uh-uh, listen, you’re generally in the subject there – a miracle! Let’s move faster! ..” – and the like, we reserve the right to ignore and not respond to those. And yesterday there were already precedents.

Hope for understanding…

Drone Types – Mavic3
Air2s, Mini2 – all hacks are available.
Older drones (Air, Mavic Pro, etc.)

We bring the drone along with the phone!!! Android. From 6GB of RAM. Tablets are not recommended. We can not always flash.

Better – Redmi phones. The brightness of the screens for reference is high (peak):
10 approximately 300(400)
11/11S 700 (1000)
10S 700 (1100) – our personal favorite with a price of 17,999 in the CSN
10Pro/11Pro 700(1200). But any android will do. At least 6 gigs of RAM.

We do not accept iPhones!


/Elena/ (Marked as a gift)

As we announced yesterday on the air of Soloviev Live, in order to help the front, our company began to deal with drone firmware.

Yes, it’s free. And yes, this is an extra burden and diversion of plant resources. But we are doing this because we now see a great need for this kind of assistance.

Without proper drone firmware:

A. There is a high risk of losing the drone, which the enemy is very likely to land at home and continue to use against our troops.
B. The operator and people around him are at risk of artillery strike.

To avoid this, we, in addition to the first two well-known “hacks” (FCC and NFZ), are guaranteed to disable the function that broadcasts the location.

Also, we learned how to throw off the drone withdrawal with a spoofer. And this is also very valuable.

How to transfer the drone to the firmware?

Just call the number on the company’s website indicated in the channel profile header. Better than admin. Account link at the bottom of the post.

What to bring with you for firmware?

The drone itself and the phone (any Android with a bright screen from 6 gigabytes of RAM). The iPhone cannot be used categorically, because it changes the firmware on its own, turning back on the transponder function.

It’s free?

Yes, it’s free. Although the first two hacks (FCC and NFZ) are bought on the manufacturer’s website, you yourself can buy or pay for activation vouchers for these hacks. The third and most important hack is to disable the transponder function, we do it personally.

Do possible hacks depend on drone models?

Yes, they do. On the Mavic 3, only the third hack is possible so far, and often the 4th. Others also have options. When applying for firmware, you will be advised on a specific model.

The Chinese have created a swarm of drones capable of autonomously flying through dense forests and interacting with each other.

These are the very swarms that can and will be used for military purposes.

It is necessary to catch up and develop this direction, making the most of the potential of small teams, which I often write about, but if the lag is too large, perhaps it is worth considering cooperation within the framework of military-technical cooperation with Chinese comrades.

With each flashed drone, an Operator’s Instruction will be issued, which must be followed to the letter, so as not to lose the firmware of the drones by any careless operation, and along with the firmware and your life. We hope everyone understands?

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