While recruiting convicts in Russian prisons, the head of the Wagner Committee promised them that they would be able to “wash away their sins” with the blood of Ukrainians and receive “clean” documents. But despite the promise, they are thrown into the front line as “cannon fodder”.

Russian authorities use their army of prisoners as “cannon fodder” – to spy on Ukrainian positions on the front line.

So some “volunteers”, like this one captured during SBU interrogation, “fought” in Ukraine for 2 days – he arrived on September 21, and was taken prisoner the very next day.

“We are being used as cannon fodder. Our commander sent us forward, at first we walked together, and then he looked back – they were very far away. Usual cannon fodder: to know where there are positions, who stands where… We are like cannon fodder… When we were recruited, they told us a completely different story,” the invader admits.

According to him, they were personally recruited by the leader of the PMK “Vagner” Prigozhyn. He said that the convicts will fight side by side with “experienced” soldiers who will teach them everything, and they will not be on the front lines.

So, out of 1,200 prisoners, 267 immediately agreed to “mobilization”.

But in a matter of days, this occupier realized that “this is not the case here at all” and realized that he would survive only if he surrendered.

We remind you about the “hotline” for prisoners and their relatives:
+380665803498, +380931192984.

By Treadstone 71

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