Ezzedin AlQassam Brigades Napalm

Napalm bomb, explosive, poisonous, and incendiary:

This bomb consists of two main parts:

The first part is a mixture of napalm, which consists of the following:
  100 -1 ml of benzene
2-1000 grams of grated soap
-3 1000 g sugar.  Any mixture of napalm
4- An empty plastic water bottle.
Preparation: The following materials are taken gasoline, napalm and sugar and mixed in a mixture, then the plastic bottle is cut from the top so that the diameter of the cut site is equal to the diameter of the insecticide canister and poured inside it, then follow the following:

1 – can of insecticide
2 – A pipe with a diameter equal to the diameter of the insecticide container
3 – A toothed cover to close the pipe, and it is better for the closure to be from the outside and have an opening through which a slow fuse can pass.
4 – slow fuse
5- A mixture of highly flammable and explosive mixtures, such as silver or gray powder, or others.

1 – We install the pipe on the can of the insecticide stably.
2 – Pour the mixture (gunpowder) into the pipe until it reaches the beginning of the pipe without touching it.
3 – We insert the filament into the hole and jammed and install the cap on the pipe.
  4- We put the insecticide bottle inside the plastic bottle, taking into account leaving an 80 cm gap inside the bottle between the napalm material and the top of the bottle.
Characteristics of use: This bomb is used as a naplem incendiary bomb, poisonous (insecticide) and explosive (explosive mixture by braking), and it has a strong effect, as its temperature when the explosion reaches more than 2500 m.  The three pieces are well connected

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