Attention! For the military of the Russian Federation who want to surrender, there is a round-the-clock hotline of the Coordination Headquarters on the treatment of prisoners of war.

The military themselves, as well as their relatives, can apply – +38 066 580 34 98 and +38 093 119 29 84 (round the clock).

Russian soldier,

You came to Ukraine to earn money? You have such an opportunity, while not harming the Ukrainian people

20-year-old Anatoly, a conscript soldier, went to war in Ukraine. At the first shelling, I realized that I did not want to die for Putin’s sick fantasies. I contacted the “I want to live” project and safely surrendered to the Ukrainian special forces. He remained alive, fed, walks in the shower.

The essence of the operation is simple:

1. You leave equipment (any) in some place not far from the front.

2. Send me an email – – the coordinates of this place, the time when the equipment will be there and immediately the card / account number. The card can be any: yours, relatives, friend, acquaintance, anyone. It is also possible to pay by bitcoin.

3. We check. Like last time, we pick up what you left, and if everything is fine, the money goes to your account.

Tank – $50,000
BMP, BMD, etc. – $25,000
MLRS – $15,000
self-propelled guns, etc. – $10,000
Armored vehicles – $5,000

On August 30, such an operation was already carried out in the Vysokopolye region, no one surrendered the soldier, and with a calm soul of “duty done” they went on, no one forced them to surrender. Everything is anonymous.


Russian mothers and fathers, if your relative is now in Ukraine and you VERY need to earn money, pass this post on.

So that a person understands that it is possible to earn money without killing people.

By Treadstone 71

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