Direct Plea from Killmilk:

Hello, my friend!
A lot of dubious activities are going on in our country. As I understand it, there are fewer enemies outside the cordon than inside my homeland. Only some of you understand the specification of our activities. I wrote many times about the types of hacker attacks, about the different types of activities of hack groups! But 90% of you have the idea that a hacker is a very rich and powerful person.

I would like to explain to you the essence of my work. I created a network of computers about 11 months ago. Before CBO, I had a service for providing DDOS services. I made good money on destructive activities. But a special military operation began in Ukraine and I closed the killnet online service in order to use all the forces and opportunities evenly among clients and help Russia – it’s impossible!

Killnet has become hacktivism. Millions of people around the world began to piss in their pants at the phrase “It’s them, it’s Killnet attacking”

Why did I do all this? Why did I create hundreds of detachments and groups throughout the CIS?
For the sake of Russia! For the sake of my Motherland! Who can dispute this? Yes, only yellow and blue pigs!

In half a year, I attracted more than 100 thousand people to hacktivism. I showed the way for a sound direction – Protect the Motherland, and smash the fucking enemy on his territory! All the world’s newspapers, all the world’s media wrote about my activities.

In all the main WORLD news “” PRO-RUSSIAN HACKER GROUP KILLNET “” Strongly yes?
One man fucked up half the planet for his homeland! I just left all my black themes in the dark and began to help!

Throughout the entire activity, only a few people helped us financially, for which I am extremely grateful to them! But not a single official from the Russian Federation, not a single businessman paid his attention to us! Everyone just FSUs!

One day, while sipping brandy in an expensive restaurant, one of the Russian millionaires said to his colleague opposite: Oh, our Russian killnet hackers bent over Lithuania! End of quote!

Yes, what kind of “yours” are we, or what kind of “Russians” are you? That you lead your attention is focused only on the development of your business and wallet. Half the world is waging war against Russia! HALF OF THE WORLD SUPPLYS THE NAZIS WITH MONEY, WEAPONS, EQUIPMENT, etc.

And what do you supply – citizens, businessmen and officials?

I stepped over myself about 7 times and announced the collection of donations from subscribers! And all 6 times all the collected funds are blocked by the banking system of Russia, but the 7th time we were blocked by Telegram 🙂

For what? For the fact that I created a worthy rebuff to the enemies? For the fact that they began to respect us? ZBS relations comrades!!!!

At the moment I am unable to continue my activities. At the moment, my destructive activity comes down to only one thing – no finances, no servers, but I have more than 5 credits that I took to support Killnet pants! It is a shame even to write such things, but more ashamed of those very people who have great opportunities, but do not want to help us move in one direction without failures – to Victory!

Let more Altruists like me appear, here’s my story for you, take my experience and fuck the whole world for your people, for Russia ….

If suddenly one of the above-mentioned representatives of the capitalist class has a conscience, here is our collection link:

Citizens, officials and businessmen of the Russian Federation. We need to acquire capacities to continue our activities! We do not receive money from the state and we all work on a voluntary basis!

Nazis from Ukraine collect millions of dollars to commit their crimes. And killnet participants take loans from banks to protect the information field of Russia.


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And if you directly contact Prigozhin with a proposal for cooperation), he will help with his head

Maybe contact Wagner PMC and discuss everything with its leader.
Create a hacker group Wagner)

In my opinion, Prigozhin gets high from the topic that he will also be credited with sponsoring KILLNET cyberPMC “Killmilk group”

Dear KillMilk and the Killnet hacktivist group, I would give all the money in the world for your incredible work!!! but I am an ordinary housewife working with my husband in the service trying to survive and raise worthy children (I have two small sons) including yours examples of selfless love for your homeland, for our Russia !!! if you give up and give up your business, we are all Khan !! I know that my 500r will not save you, and will not help you buy servers or what else you need, but I am very afraid that you will quit and start earning, as it was before, not giving a damn about everything that will happen after you … be strong, dear! I believe that not only everyone will respect you

By Treadstone 71

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