Putin’s speech, Russian courts and terrorist sites have been disrupted. The IT army attacked more than 400 online resources in a week!

As the enemy continues to fire on the territory of Ukraine, more than 250,000 volunteer hackers from around the world inflict cyber attacks on the enemy every day. From June 13 to 19, the IT army attacked more than 400 Russian online resources:

1️⃣ Economic forum with Putin’s speech. Attacks on the accreditation base of an economic forum in St. Petersburg have postponed Putin’s speech for an hour. This spoiled his meeting with military correspondents and reduced the amount of disgusting propaganda from the world’s top terrorist.

2️⃣ Regional courts of the Russian Federation. The information stored on the resources of Russian regional courts has remained inaccessible for several weeks due to constant cyber attacks.

3️⃣ Sites of terrorist organizations in Ukraine. The IT army has shut down online resources of terrorist groups in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine. Russian terrorist groups have no place in Ukraine, but their websites are on the Internet.

4️⃣ Russian media. The IT army continues to restrain propaganda and does not stop “preventive” work with the Russian media.

We continue to punish the enemy around the world. Join the social networks of the Ministry of Culture to be aware of the fight against the enemy on the digital front 

By Treadstone 71

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