In the name of God and the zealous nation of Iran

Dear Compatriot

To get rid of the tyranny of the cruel, criminal and traitorous rulers of the Islamic Republic, we must all be in the streets day and night.

The street is our only fortress

1- The presence of people in the streets and helping each other in any way: financial, physical, vehicle, etc. 

2- Being armed in any way from cold weapons to molotov cocktails, burnt oil 

3- Helping each other to start strikes nationwide 

4- Strike of all sections of society, including trade unions, markets, workers, education, transportation, productions, offices, organizations, oil and gas companies 

5- Announcement of support and assistance of military personnel to the people to arm the people …

Government mercenaries 

6- Identification and announcement of government mercenaries by friends, family, and acquaintances (no mercenary should feel safe)

7- Supporting the people from the rooftops by pouring hot liquids or throwing objects on the heads of compatriot mercenaries. Know and be aware that if we bring this people’s uprising to a conclusion, after the situation of this cruel and criminal government calms down, who will be the people who came to the streets and those who stayed in the houses will settle the accounts and a terrible time is waiting for all of us.

Hoping to win

The fame of the bravery of Iran’s lionesses is complicated in the world: the tallest building in San Francisco “in praise of Iranian women”

By Treadstone 71

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