Help us flood the Russian policeZ_bot used by Russians to target Ukrainian citizens in the occupied areas.

Welcome to the Z Department team!

We have created a bot policeZ_bot
which receives and collects information from residents of Russia who wish to contribute to the fight against Ukrainians and who are ready to report on people or organizations:

– whose actions are directly or indirectly directed against the NWO and the Russian Federation
– openly advocating their homeland and actively promoting their truth
– calling for violence against our citizens and the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and expressing extremist ideas
– directly or indirectly financing Ukrainian army (or otherwise helping the military of Ukraine).

Other information:

– violation of your rights (denial of service anywhere, threats, use of physical force) for using the Z symbol
– any other information that can help in the fight against truth.

Describe the situation in detail in one message, if possible, attach photos / videos, geolocation or other available data.

Anonymously. The bot does not collect user information.

If you want to transfer information not anonymously and to be contacted – indicate the method of communication.

Division Z


By Treadstone 71

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