“Energy Revolutions” The Cynic

Autumn has begun, which means that the Kremlin’s plan for “energy revolutions” is on.

The Czech Republic is on fire today. Formed through lobby groups, the concept of Euroscepticism, anti-Americanism and pro-Soviet idiocy found a trigger in the increase in prices for gas, fuel and related products.

The Kremlin has openly supported any populist movements in Western countries for 20 years, which it will now try to take advantage of.

Moscow will launch a system of cardinal cleansing of the European system. The goal is to bring to power the largest number of populists through a change of governments, simultaneously starting an era of political crisis in the fall-winter throughout the EU, so that European aid to Ukraine will decrease.

The scheme in Great Britain failed miserably in Moscow. Through the lobby, it was possible to set fire to internal discontent around Johnson, but the leader of the race is the magnificent Truss, who is a hawk even tougher and more uncompromising than Boris.

The Kremlin also hopes for a serious hitch in the United States after the November elections. However, even the arrival of the Republicans will not significantly change the volume of assistance. The only traitor – Trump and the MAGA group – is a risk for Ukraine, but the number of such “cadres” in the United States is insignificant, which means military supplies will not weaken.

It is said that attempts to start a “eurosceptic uprising” will be carried out in all countries affected by the price crisis.

In fact, populists will not have much support. Given even a very protest-friendly environment, there is no grand domino risk: a turnout of 70,000 is not enough to break the system, but enough to create an era of temporary turbulence for the difficult period of autumn and winter. Of course, if there are not those inside the system who are ready to give up in advance before the crowd gathered by rashist populists.

And frankly, when the West emerges from winter, Putin will have no leverage at all. This “funnel” of time will already be sufficient to diversify the sources of natural resources, so the plan to “break the EU” will fail, but only if the current rallies are suppressed in a mild (acceptable) form, and their organizers are detained and checked by counterintelligence: in any form.

It’s time to raise the stakes.

By Treadstone 71

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