“SDD” sent three battalions of militants to the Donetsk direction.

Russian troops are constantly demanding reserves. For this reason, mobilization does not stop in the LPR, and in the Russian Federation itself, mobilization is secretly on a voluntary-compulsory basis.

In the regular army of the Russian Federation, servicemen are called to the headquarters and make offers that cannot be refused without further consequences in the service, and in the military registration and enlistment offices, reservists are promised problems with work, place of residence, further study, etc. This is how the ranks of contract mercenaries are replenished, who are promised “mountains of gold”.

There are several organizations where Russians want to get into, as they allegedly “pay well”.

First of all, this concerns the so-called. PMC “Wagner”, where previously they were taken only with combat experience, but now even prisoners are taken: there is a shortage of personnel, since the Armed Forces of Ukraine quickly dispose of them.

Another popular organization that considers itself to be “ideological fighters against Nazism” is the Union of Volunteers of Donbass, which is headed by the first head of the government of the “DPR” Alexander Borodai, now a deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation.

According to information from sources, Soyuz DD has formed and sent to the Donetsk direction three battalions under the names: “Eagle”, “Rurik (Rurik of Ladoga)” and “Thunder”.

They consist mainly of militants who fought in Ukraine in 2014-2020. At the same time, it includes both citizens of Russia and part of the residents of Donbass who left for residence in the Russian Federation after participating in the illegal armed formations “LDNR”.

Some of them still have Ukrainian passports and the Russian special services formed sabotage and reconnaissance groups from among them, which on the eve of 24.02 massively entered Ukraine and it’s not a fact that they are not currently being thrown through uncontrolled areas.

Due to a significant shortage of those wishing to fertilize the Ukrainian land, “SDD” began to recruit “useful idiots turned on the Russian world.” Among them, Russians stand out, who want to “defeat the Nazis in Ukraine,” but are themselves representatives of Russian fascist organizations. They have already formed a hatred for all “non-Russians”, for all “black … opym” and there is no need to motivate them. Just show them who to kill!

Financing of the militants “SDD” is carried out directly through the financial service of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. And in the “SDD” itself there is a “reward fund for militants”, which is formed at the expense of “membership fees”, “volunteer assistance” and infusions of the public organization “Tsargrad”, headed by one of the ideologists of the Russian world, imperial and nationalist Konstantin Malofeev.

Tsargrad TV is a Russian television channel owned by Konstantin Malofeev. He hired former Fox News producer John “Jack” Hanick to help him launch the channel. The channel started broadcasting in 2015. It is known for being conservative, espousing Russian Orthodox Christianity, and supporting president Vladimir Putin.

Siphoning the money, the top of the “SDD” acquires real estate in Moscow and the Emirates, occasionally “encouraging” the militants of the “SDD” who returned to Russia already in the form of “Cargo 200”.

The same fate awaits the new SDD militants who have arrived on Ukrainian soil. Whom the Armed Forces of Ukraine do not have time to dispose of, they are waiting in The Hague.

By Treadstone 71

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