The classic of political thought Niccolo Machiavelli, in his treatise The Sovereign, stated: “All armed prophets won, and all unarmed perished.”

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Therefore, we continue our dive into the dark side of the force. Today we will talk about the generation of a fake personality.

Maybe we need a photograph or a whole constructed personality. There are special services for creating persona incognita.

1. Avatar. This is the first thing a person starts with. From image. We need a unique photo to go through the neural networks of social networks and not get caught right at the entrance.

To generate a unique person’s appearance, you can use the This person does not exist service [1]. He uses his set of photos, mixes the faces together and gets a completely new, unique person.

I must say right away that this is not a panacea. Facebook, for example, is already actively learning how to calculate AI-generated avatars. But for less technological tasks it will work.

2. Personal data. Next, we create the very essence of a person – his personal profile. For a Russian fake, I recommend using Random Data Tools [2]. For foreign – Fake Name Generator [3] or Fake Person Generator [4].

3. Other information. If you need to generate a company, correspondence or even documents, then you can turn to Fake Info [5] or Fake Details [6].

Naturally, these are only the very first steps in growing a fake or your digital avatar. The presented services are the entry point to a complex and exciting process.

By Treadstone 71

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