/Treadstone 71/

Russia start wars

She does not dinishes them

Having reached the end in our suffering

Both for our mothers and fathers.

The torments of long-suffering pass,

With hope believing in the Ruble,

And remember Putin’s will

Evil responds as evil will

The whole world is angry with us,

And calling in the Sochi to live,

One goes against all that is Good,

Hoping to shutdown all that is truth,

Close the eyes of the enlightened and the sighted,

And make all deaf…

Send everyone to Sochi

Yes, anchor their Yachts near Putin’s Palace!

Yes, so that it was a geniflect

We bow to the dictator’s will,

So that the good name of Ukrane

Don’t you dare mention it or,

Putin will kill.

By Treadstone 71

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