UPDATE – #Ontario court awards $107M – UPDATE – Hackers attack conference

Hackers attack Ontario court’s press conference on compensation for Ukrainian flight passengers

The press conference of the Supreme Court of Ontario in Canada, which ordered the compensation of the families of six passengers of the Ukrainian plane, was disrupted during the attack by unknown hackers.

The attack was deliberate.

The video conference, which was hosted by international news agencies on Tuesday, January 5th, was attacked by an unknown group.

Following the hacking attack, the computer of Mark Arnold, the lawyer in the case, was completely out of his reach and unrelated images were broadcast in the video call.

The hacking attack on the video conference began shortly after Mark Arnold said, “If anyone from the Islamic Republic of Iran is present in this video call, we are looking for your assets.”

After the hacking attack, the organizers were forced to provide and send a new link to the participants so that the press conference could continue with their participation.

At this press conference, the issue of executive guarantees for the seizure of Iranian property in Canada and other countries to pay compensation to the families of passengers killed on the Ukrainian flight was discussed.

An Ontario court in Canada has awarded $107 million in compensation, plus interest, to the families of six victims of a Ukrainian passenger plane crash