10 predictions for the American Right-Wing in 2022:

  1. By summer anyone not talking about the midterms or who is critical of Republicans will find themselves the target of massive personal attacks and FUD.
  2. Lower tier America Firsters will lead a bizarre crusade against evangelicals and Protestants (and online, Orthodox) and will become explicitly a pro-Hispanic movement that is primarily critical of white liberalism and evangelicals
  3. Podcasts and people you’ve never even heard of before will start to see seemingly out of nowhere massive overnight growth due to well-timed viral stories and clips.
  4. Even if Covid winds down the people who have made their bones on it will position themselves to be gatekeepers on the right-wing
  5. Republicans in a couple of test markets will experiment with becoming explicitly anti-white in their campaigning instead of implicitly.
  6. Charlie Kirk will continue to try and outflank Fuentes especially if America First goes harder on the Hispanic Catholic angle and Kirk can set himself as a white evangelical defender.
  7. You will hear a lot of messaging from people who used to talk about demographics about how that fight and immigration is lost and we should prioritize bringing Christians in who can help us win on abortion (and Covid stuff if that is still going on)
  8. Shitting on poor white people, which was still a bit of a third rail for right-wingers, will go mainstream. Pieces will be written about the moral failings of white people by Straussian think tanks.
  9. No matter how well zemmour does (Macron will be re-elected), it will be declared proof by his supporters of the necessity of putting a jew as the face of The Movement.
  10. Plenty of people who are currently Finally Once and For All Done With Trump will be back on the Trump Train for one reason or another by the midterms

By Treadstone 71

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