Attack cyber on Instagram

The need to punish Iran’s enemies on social media

As we move forward, the enmity of social networks such as Instagram with the Iranian nation becomes more and more apparent.  From the custom of freedom of expression, they have deleted the photos of Sardar Soleimani since his assassination in order to prevent him from introducing him to the youth of the world.  They point out that it erases and in other words, as in the past, there is no equal space for media competition in this social network.

Iran wants to use Instagram and other social media to incite supporters, radicalize others, and execute influence operations. All the while blocking Iranian citizens from accessing social media. Iranian citizens are unable to express their opinions as evidenced by years of kangaroo court cases, jailing, torture, and hangings. Their Basij groups surveil the populace listening and looking for anything deemed anti-revolution. They are used to controlling the narrative internally and when unable to on the Global stage, they whine.

Instagram punishment

Instagram in recent days is deleting posts containing the hashtag My_hero, which was arranged to introduce Haj Qasem indirectly to the people of the world, the need to punish this social network through hacking and fatal blows to its servers more than before.  Especially considering that the popularity of this social network has a high status in Iran, the filter of this social network, based on the experience of filtering telegrams, does not cure pain.

Outside of the Middle East, Soleimani is not revered. In fact, he is known as a purveyor of violence and terror while building and managing Iranian proxy groups. The same proxy groups used to kill Americans.

With the formation of increasing cyber attacks on Instagram servers and in a word, declaring a cyber war against this holding, the value of the company’s shares has decreased so much that it has to maintain a level playing field in its social network …  Social media to understand that the era of arbitrary Golan Heights is over … I wish this could be requested from the government … or at least by creating a virtual scan to attract revolutionary hackers, to punish this social network with fire  Let’s act.

The claim that Iran is impacting Instagram revenues is false. Instagram was private when acquired by Facebook. Instagram does not have ‘shares.’

Mohammad Mehdi Babaei

The author of this call against Instagram also calls for the slaughter of Israelis (on Instagram).

By Treadstone 71

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