In their words:

A general invitation to the dear Iraqi people

In response to the airport crime and the martyrdom of the victory leaders, a demonstration (the million response) is launched.
It is a call for every Iraqi who has preserved the blood of the martyrs that shed on the land of Iraq. It is a call to the loyal ones whose voices are still resounding for the truth and to pay the injustice. It is a call in which Iraqi families will come out from everywhere. The evil eyes of America and its aides will watch closely the extent of our love, attachment and loyalty to these heroes. These martyrs gave the most precious of money, effort and lives so that Iraq could enjoy safety, how many evil and calamities have been pushed away from our family and loved ones, and how many car bombs and unclean suicide bombers have dashed their hopes of reaching Baghdad and the provinces.

This is your day, dear great Iraqi people

Time: Saturday 1/1/2022 at one in the afternoon.
Location: Baghdad – Al-Jadiriyah – at the Al-Hassanin yard, near the two-story bridge.

By Treadstone 71

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