Hooshyaran-e Vatan Exposes IRGC-QF Front Companies Operating in the UAE

Following the proof of Mahan’s cooperation with the IRGC QF from our previous exposures, it is now time to shed light on some of the companies who cooperate with Mahan, especially those that are based in seemingly “legitimate” countries.

We have found many invoices, receipts, and contracts between Mahan Air and seemingly legitimate, non-designated companies. We have compiled a list with some of these companies, who have been working with Mahan despite US sanctions.

– Bright Moon General Trading
– Sky Leopard General Trading
– Green Galaxy Fruits and Vegetables Trading L.L.C.

These aren’t Iranian companies, or even Lebanese, Syrian or Turkish companies but rather countries from Europe, India, the UAE and more.

Firstly, we have the Dubai-registered “Dnata” company, who has billed Mahan Air for pallet loading and cargo storage. Dnata also has several offices listed across the United States according to their website.


After everything we’ve exposed so far, the actual cargo Dnata stored and transported is anyone’s guess. We have seen quite a few transactions between Dnata and Mahan.


You’ll notice the listed customer “Jahan destinations travel & tourism”. Jahan is a UAE company designated by the U.S. for working with Mahan Air, though this hasn’t deterred Dnata from working with both Mahan and Jahan.

It seems that Jahan has been operating a few front companies to make payments without the risk of US sanctions for their business partners.
Specifically, “Bright Moon General Trading”, “Sky Leopard General Trading”, and “Green Galaxy Fruits & Vegetables Trading L.L.C”.