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The continued move away from mainstream Social Media – They have not gone, they just shifted.
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 ©] With the increasing prevalence of Mainstream Media Blocking Jihad Content, We Recommend Brothers to Use Social Media Free to Block Jihad Content.
 ©] Let’s take an active role in the Jihad of Fie Sabilillah and the elements that support it, and in this era, the important thing is in the world of media.  Because the Kafirs are really fighting Islam at this time, the biggest thing is through the media and its supporting elements in the war of nerves.  Remember today’s war is not just a war between the infidels and the mujahideen, but in fact today’s war is between disbelief and Islam.
 ©] Ommah Media Always Wants To Do The Best For Islam And Muslims, Ommah Media Gives Opportunities To Muslims To Take Part In The World Of Media Jihad.  Therefore, in its realization, Ommah Media formed -𝙾𝙼𝙼𝙰𝙷 in an effort to unify the steps of the media jihad struggle which it is hoped that Muslims can join the forum to participate in the agreed media jihad work program.
 ©] Main Media Recommended To Use:, Rocket.Chat, Element, TamTam, ChirpWire, Minds.
 ©] If there is anything you want to ask, you can contact the Ommah Media Admin.