Latest report of all #Iranian #Military & #IRGC units currently present at the Northern border with #Azerbaijan:

  • Qazvin 16th Armored Division
  • 21st Tabriz Infantry Division
  • 64th Urmia Infantry Brigade
  • IRGC “Ashura 31” Battalion
  • 65th Airborne Special Forces Brigade

The following aircrafts have been stationed at the airports in the border region:

  • Su-24, F-14 Tomcat and F-4E Phantom fighters and bombers
  • Transport aircraft Il-76 and C-130 Hercules
  • AH-1 Cobra and CH-47 Chinook helicopters

Various missile systems have also been deployed at the border:

  • “Fajr-5” and “Fajr-5C” with a range of up to 70 km
  • “Fateh-313” and “Zulfiqar” ballistic missiles with ranges of up to 700 km