Our core courses & content offer students opportunities surpassing anything #SANS may offer. In fact, their course authors attended classes we built from scratch (commercial and academic).

If they have a masters from Utica College in cyber intel or cybersecurity…

Come to the source. Get the real training. Don’t waste $7K+ for a knock off. We taught the #OSINTGUY in Amsterdam. Our content and certs were used to teach several at #Dragos including their #CEO. We have trained staff at the Big 3 Consulting firms and ALL the major credit card companies, staff now at #Kaspersky and #Symantec military, defense, and Intel organizations. Fortune 100 and 500 in every vertical.

Our mark is on scores of Intel programs and embedded in analysis and reports from the major threat intel companies (platforms, feeds, collectors, and analysts). The public only list is here: https://www.treadstone71.com/index.php/company

Don’t settle while paying nearly double. Very difficult to justify those numbers when training budgets are limited. Our business is Intel, and Intel only. Technology agnostic without tech bias.

If you want the original, Treadstone 71

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