The Flying “Yellow Submarine”

It is intended for search and destruction of armored vehicles, enemy manpower, as well as low-speed air targets under countermeasures.
It can be used in almost any weather conditions, carrying out automatic take-off / landing.

Remote-controlled machine gun 7.62 mm for 550 rounds
Two launchers for 8 NAR
16 anti-tank aerial bombs of 2.5 kg caliber
Radar missile defense station
Radiation warning station
Barrier radar
Gyro-stabilized optoelectronic system
Sighting complex
Six all-round cameras
UAV return systems based on the underlying surface image in the absence of satellite navigation data
Navigation equipment:
Inertial navigation system with digital adaptive antenna array
Flight duration – 6 h up to 3000 m Speed 180 km / h Radius 120 km

By Treadstone 71

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