The developer of the hypersonic aircraft Destinus with the founder from Russia raised $ 29 million.

The company plans to start the first tests of supersonic flights “in the next 12-18 months.”
Destinus hypersonic aircraft
Money was invested in Destinus by Conny & Co, Quiet Capital and others. 

The startup will direct them to the development of hydrogen jet and rocket engines.  The company does not disclose the valuation.
Destinus was founded by the former owner of Technosila Mikhail Kokorich in Switzerland. 

The company is developing a hypersonic aircraft – a hybrid of an aircraft and a rocket that can deliver people and cargo from one point on Earth to another in 1-2 hours at hypersonic speed.

A hypersonic aircraft takes off like a normal aircraft, turns on a jet engine at altitude and flies out of the atmosphere.

The first aircraft will be small in size and will be able to deliver from 1 to 10 tons of cargo.  The company wants to develop it within 5-7 years.  According to Kokorich, the company’s potential customers include DHL, FedEX, Lufthansa and others.

Destinus has already developed and filed patents for the subsystems.  For example, she created a hydrogen active cooling system that will prevent the aircraft from burning up when entering the Earth’s atmosphere.
Destinus has raised money from investors three times since August 2021, according to Crunchbase.  The startup employs more than 50 former employees of Boeing, Airbus and other companies – in 2022, Destinus wants to increase the staff to 100 people.

Number of Funding Rounds 3

Destinus has raised a total of — in funding over 3 rounds. Their latest funding was raised on Jan 28, 2022 from a Seed round.

Destinus has 1 current employee profile, Founder & CEO Mikhail Kokorich.

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