Explosive power in the most famous materials
Mujahid Qassami

Explosive Handling Rules
1. The first mistake is the last mistake.
2. Explosives do not respect ranks.
3. Handle it with caution without fear and with confidence without arrogance
4. It is forbidden to work with incomplete information or give it to others.
5. It must be dealt with as if it were a living creature (with kindness and gentleness).
6. It must be dealt with every time like dealing with it the first time.
7. Limiting the number to the lowest possible number when working with explosives.
8. Not to expose it to heat, moisture, knocks or pressure.
9. Do not deal with any object or substance previously unknown to you.
10. Precaution in dealing with them is like precaution in dealing with poisons because they are poisonous.
11. “Smoking is strictly prohibited while handling explosives
12. Do not burn the casings of dynamite sticks or expose them to knocking because they are saturated with the explosive.
13. Extreme caution and extra attention should be paid to sensitive materials.
14. It is forbidden to deal with explosives during mental wandering.
Mujahid Qassami