Arab Social Union Party – A united Arab nation, cultural, social

Party goals and objectives:
1 .  Supporting Arab women and standing up for social equality and limiting the phenomenon of forced marriage between relatives or even marriage before puberty, and bringing women working to spread this call
2 .  Commitment to Arab nationalism and rejection of nationalism and discrimination in all its forms
3 .  Supporting all Arab and international revolutions (morally and financially)
4 .  Fighting all the corrupt and reducing bribery in all departments
5 .  Rejection of religious discrimination and commitment to the vibrant Arab nationalism
6 .  The party does not represent any other political party, government or country, but rather the free Arab people
7 .  Belief in the Arab intellectual, literary and scientific thought of all its spectrum
8 .  Commitment to dialogue, always dialogue, then dialogue
9 .  Referendum on a military solution among all citizens of the free Arab people (this is if the means of dialogue fails after many attempts)
10 .  Calling for the liberation of all occupied Arab lands without exception, especially Arab Palestine
11.  The party does not aspire to a specific authority or positions, and the greater goal is to unite the Arabs in voice, land and thought, and make it a great power in the world.
12 .  There is no single leader alone in making decisions. The party secretary presents his views to the People’s Assembly and takes opinions from analysts and specialists in the matter.
13 .  Creating an advanced intellectual and informational society
14 .  Exporting the ideas of the youth of the Arab nation to the world instead of importing ideas from it

I swear by my Arabism and my vibrant faith to restore the glory of our great nation