Databases of more than 170 Israeli websites and organizations “DragonForce Malaysia”

Today, huge databases have been published for a large number websites and organizations, in what appears to be the largest leak in the history of Israel.

They contain personal and sensitive files and data, which will certainly harm the owners and users of these sites, including the portal, which provides secret rooms and places by the hour for fornication throughout the entity to spend romantic times.

The databases of the travel site “israelatsixty” and the site that specializes in cryptocurrency trading,

The leak by “DragonForce Malaysia” also contains databases of dozens of companies, organizations and other institutions’ websites, which we leave for you to download and discover.
We would like to point out that the video of the attack on the Zionist channel, which spread yesterday through social media, has not yet been possible for us to verify its authenticity from reliable sources, but the hack has been reported by several different media outlets, including Al Sharq channel and channel, and the Hebrew media has not mentioned it so far.  We welcome all constructive opinions and criticisms and accept them with open arms, and we reject any criticism that contains offense or lack of manners.