N3tw0rm Ransomware

N3tw0rm provides enterprise-level of ransomware attacks!

Gaining access
as you should know every network could be hacked, or should be hacked! so don’t worry about your network because you’re not the first and of course not the last!

Privilege escalation
I always looking for domain admins. Reserve it for me!

Netowkr discovery
Now I’m going to discovering all your network spots!

Dumping important information
Everything is moves better when you have guarantee in your hands!

Encrypting whole network
Most interesting part going to start and your entire network get encryptd. All Workstations, Servers, Databases, File Servers, Shared Folders… it’s really hurts!

Payment and Recovering your data
⚠ Red pill or Blue pill? Whats is your decision? choose wisely!

Ideal situation. At this point we have a success deal and you will receive your decryptor.
How to gain? Easy as a piece of cake.
When you paid your network fee mentioned on your message before deadline.
Win-win outcomes occur when each side feels they have won.

Worst situation ever!
Be careful what you choose, you may get this situation.
When you lose your time and deadline is over without any payment so we are on win-lose!
At this point your data going to publish and you didn’t able to decrypt your network so you loses.
Win-lose situations result when only one side perceives the outcome as positive. I’m always wins!

⚠ Don’t try to change files by yourself, Don’t use any third party software for restoring your data or antivirus solutions.
⚠ Don’t modify encrypted files or you can damage them and decryption will be impossible!The Latest