BRUSSELS BELGIUM – Cyber Intelligence Tradecraft Certified Intelligence Analyst Certification Training


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The Certified Threat Intelligence Analyst – Cyber Intelligence Tradecraft training course follows the iterative processes of the intelligence lifecycle while covering non-inclusively. This course follows the International Association for Intelligence Education Standards for Intelligence Analyst Initial Training incorporating intelligence community member validated content and hands-on experience in the cyber environment since 2004.

I. Introduction to Intelligence

OSINT, OPSEC, PIRs, Stakeholder Analysis, Collection Planning, STEMPLES Plus, Adversary Targeting, Threat Matrices, Mitre ATT&CK
II. Critical Thinking
III. Analytic Writing
IV. Creative Thinking
V. Analytic Briefing
VI. Structured Analytic Techniques – SATs
VII. Analytic Issues
VIII. Argument Mapping
IX. Case Studies

Hands on throughout the course.

This course is unique and innovative providing students with academic understanding, live case studies, and a course that drives practical over memorization for a test. 

The course is likened to an apprenticeship during an intensive 5-day training course covering the intelligence lifecycle.

Latest student testimonial: 
“With my extensive experience working in the Department of Defense on active duty and federal contractor, this training provided industry professionals with a greater perspective for intelligence analysis. The training taught state-of-the-art concepts and applied them to real-world scenarios establishing a solid understanding of utilizing these intelligence tradecrafts to effectively predict and prevent cyber actors from exploiting their organizations. Individuals new to the cyber intelligence field or professionals who want to fine-tune their skills in the intelligence field should strongly consider this training for any intelligence analyst or security professional.”

Lecture, Hands-on, Apprenticeship, in-class exercises, student presentations covering structured analytic techniques, analysis of competing hypotheses, analytic writing and deliver, analytic products, templates, course material—40 CPEs