SAVE SERGEY SVP Political asylum. No more GULAG!

The photo shows the same programmer Sergei who handed over the torture video archive to the project.

He is at Charles de Gaulle airport: he managed to get to Paris through one of the countries of North Africa, he was helped by human rights activists.  Sergei will seek political asylum in France.

“A young Belarusian who himself went through torture in the FSB, press huts and overcrowded cells in the pre-trial detention center, who worked without pay for 5 years in the most famous Russian torture department OTB-1 in Saratov, transferred the secret video archive of the FSIN / FSB to the human rights project, who risked his life to  save others and stop the terrible torture, now in Europe, on a land where human rights and democracy are respected, ”wrote in the telegram channel