Gazprom’s Own Metrics (Putin’s Pocket)

Gas production and supply: results for nine and a half months.

For nine and a half months of 2021, Gazprom, according to preliminary data, produced 399.4 billion cubic meters.  m of gas.  This is 16.6% (56.7 billion cubic meters) more than last year.

The company increased supplies from the gas transmission system to the domestic market by 16.6% (by 26.1 billion cubic meters).

Export to non-CIS countries “Gazprom” increased to 152.2 billion cubic meters.  m, which is 13.1% (17.6 billion cubic meters) more than in the same period in 2020.  Gazprom continues to supply gas at a level close to its historical record.

In particular, the company increased gas supplies to Turkey (by 125.3%), Germany (by 28.2%), Italy (by 16.3%), Romania (by 288.6%), Serbia (by 112.1%).  %), Bulgaria (by 52.7%), Poland (by 10%), Greece (by 12.9%), Finland (by 15.3%).

Gas supplies to China through the Power of Siberia gas pipeline are growing.

According to Gas Infrastructure Europe, the season of gas withdrawal from European underground storage facilities began on October 13 (last year – October 12).  The transition to winter regimes is taking place at the lowest level of stocks in storage facilities for many years.  The gap in occupancy compared to last year is 18.5 billion cubic meters.  m. Replenished only 71% of the volume of gas raised from underground storage facilities in Europe last season.

On October 5, the season for withdrawing gas from Ukrainian UGS facilities began.  As of this date, the lag in terms of reserves from last year exceeded 33% (9 billion cubic meters of gas).