Already several groups of scum have paid attention to moderation in FB. If at the beginning of the war FB in moderation was loyal to Ukrainian activists, now it has again begun to apply a repressive policy to moderation. And so I ask you for help:

So the problem is:
Blocking pages of activists, bloggers, media and users on FB and Instagram, as well as blocking and deleting posts. What is important, those posts that clearly do not violate the rules.

Why is this happening?
– activity of pig-dog bots, to which algorithms react
– the company’s content policies were developed without taking into account the war, which was considered impossible within the framework of the golden billion

What do we want from Meta (FB and Instagram)
– select a separate team of moderators, which would be inside the context of the war
– adapt policies to take into account the war waged against us by Muscovites
– social networks and user messages are created in order to reflect the existing reality, if this reality is exactly like this in our country, so the fuck? Millions of Ukrainians are talking about it and have a right to it. The right to freedom of speech is guaranteed by almost all constitutions.

The punishments that apply to Ukrainians do not take into account the situation, context and condition of those who write.

What are we doing?

1. Sharing with the tag #MetaStopBlockUkraine these publications on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter

2. We make our posts with the hashtag #MetaStopBlockUkraine If you yourself are faced with blocking or restrictions, it would be nice to add screenshots

3. Sign the petition:

I will be very grateful for your support – this is important on our economic and information front!

By Treadstone 71

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