Source Code for Binder project – Lab Dookhtegan

Today we are exposing the Source Code for Binder project which its goal is to contaminate Android applications. This project is one of the evil projects by the IRGC cyber espionage company “Eeleyanet Gostar” – ransomware.
These codes enable the IRGC’s bloodsuckers to monitor and intercept, to access the camera, the contacts and the location of the victims’ devices. They even enable the IRGC’s Cyber Unit to send out SMS from the target’s phone with his own name.

The stinking regime of the Islamic Republic uses those abilities, offered by these betraying companies such as Eeleyanet Gostar, in order to intercept the innocent protestors and to trace them, to follow the protestors by accessing their device cameras without their knowledge and even to send out SMS from their phones and with their own names. You can see how easily this bastard regime frames up against our innocent compatriots inside and outside Iran.

Since this regime may plot this kind of operations also against civilians in other countries, we recommend the authorities worldwide to protect their civilians’ privacy as well as their national security against the dictatorship of the Islamic Republic.