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FonixCrypter (XINOF RAAS ) Ransomware as a service

just contact us

If you are active in any of the specialties of cracking, exploitation, phishing and social engineering and you want to work with XINOF ransomware as an intermediary, just send an email to

Если вы занимаетесь какой-либо из специальностей взлома, эксплуатации, фишинга и социальной инженерии и хотите работать с XINOF Ransomware в качестве посредника, просто отправьте электронное письмо на адрес

FonixCrypter (XINOF R2) Ransomware

The fonixcrypter (XINOF) ransomware ans assembly has designed in c++ language by our team .
We have published two version of it at the moment .

Unique features :
*applying creative ways and algorithm in order to empower the strength of encryption
*avoid reverse engineering and being debugged
*applying the three symmetric encryption algorithm “salsa20” “AES” “chacha” and asymmetric encryption algorithm “RSA” simultaneously
*having various powerful ways of obfucation branches , envarious and libraries , signatureing the application and entry pointing
*activating the anti debugger and anti VM abilities in case of requesting
*having exclusive abilities of virtualization and mutation compiling
*optimized utilization of cpu consistencies in order to improve the ransomware turnover
*personal email service in order to avoide problems such as email blocking , low speed and email limitation during days and nights
*renaming the system partitions
Other features :
*using two symmetric and asymmetric encryption in order to secure file encryptioning
*high speed in comparison to other ransomwares
*optimized utilization of system resources
*HTA levy notification

General features :
*encrypting the shared drives of network
*deleting the shadow coping and restoring points
*disabling the task manager and windows diffender
*encrypting all the suffixes without and axceptions

Call for cooperation :
If you are active in any of these specialties including cracking , exployting , fishing and social engeering and you tend to cooperate with fonix ransomware as an interface , all you need to do is to read the rules and terms and send an email to

how to cooperate :
*at first days 75 percent of taken taxes belongs to the interface person and 25 percent of it belongs to our team
*to start working all you need to do is to send two email addreses with their passwords to us
*your email will be record in ransomware then a version of ransomware and also a version of decrypter will be sent to you ( we recommend you to use the ransomware personal email service )
*decryption of keys and trial files will be done just by the admin
*for more information and full instruction visit #instructon
*in case of violation the violator will be fired and the decryption won’t be done

#rules of ransomware :
*do not infect any persian systems , in case of violation the violator will be fired
*the emails which have been made out of our email service , are constatnly checking , password changing or deleting the recieved emails are considered as violaton and the violator will be fired
*in case of recieving the tax without decrypting the system or not giving the team portion , the violater will be fired

#encouragement plans :
*if you use our team service email our portion will be changed to 22 percent and yours to 78 percent
*if you invite two active members ( a person who has been givin two payments at least ) your portion will be changed to 80 and ours to 20 percent
*if you invite 5 active members the team will recieve only 10 percent of next two payments
*if you gain 10 successful taxes you won’t need to pay any percents for one of your leyies

some of added features in this version :
*preventing from process closing by the “system shutdown”
*deleting the “hibernate” , “shutdown” and “sleep” icons from the start menu
*deleting the “log off” icon from the start menu
*deleting and disabling the “contex menu” in the start menu
*disabling the file search ability
*disabling the programs or setting search
*renaming all drives to “XINOF”
*deleting the “more programs” icon from the start menu
*deleting the “program access and defaults” icon from the start menu
*deleting “my documents” from the explorer and start menu
*deleting “my pictures” icon from the explorer and start menu
*deleting the “network connection” icon from start menu and the right side of the taskbar
*deleting the pinned programs in the taskbar
*deleting the “pinned list” from the start menu
*diabling “RUN”
*deleting the icons related to the user from the start menu
*deleting the “action center” icon from the taskbar
*any external system including : flashes , external hards , tapes e.x wont be allowed to connect
*deleting the “chang password” “log off” and “lock” from Ctrl+Alt+Del menu
*disabling the task manager
*deleting the “recyclebin” icon from desktop
*disabling the “Recovery system state” option
*disabling and compeletly deleting the “windows backup” option
*disabling the “system backup” option
*disabling the permission to back up in “disk network” , “optical storages” “client” and “server backup”
*disabling the “auto loger” option and deleting all the system logs ( in order to keep your privecy )
*and …
wait for new abilities in next versions

the method of using our email domain in #email manager applications ( like mobile Gmail ) and the suggested email services list :

to easily use our email service you can manage your emails in email manager apps with your own username and password
for example concider the android gmail application :
open the app and tap the round icon above which your picture’ on it ( it may be different in other various versions of the app )
choose the “add another account” and then tap the bottom icon : “other”
write your email and choose the “IMAP” in the next step
write your password and choose “next” in the other steps
the job is finished and the email is active on your phone ( the smtp server settings may take a while )
if in any case the server information did not insert automaticaly or you needed to use it in other cases , you can use the information above to set the mail server :
username : your email
password : your password
incoming server :
IMAP port : 993
POP3 port : 995
outgoing server :
SMTP port : 465

the list of suggested emails to work with us :

fonix email ( exclusively , suggested )
the exclusive email service for ransomware
features :
-no banning
-easy access ( by the web mail , mobile phone or any other client email through SMTP and IMAP or POP3 )
-optional username
-discount due to cooperation
-the ransomeare admin will support email service
-powerful hosting ( suggested , usually the second email )
features :
-low banning
-easily use ( web mail , IMAP , SMTP and POP3 )
-partly powerful hosting
features :
-low banning
-easily use ( only mobile client and desktop without webmail )
-powerful service
-the email service is in beta version

use the above email services only if needed :

features :
-medium banning
-easily use ( webmail , mobile client and desktop )
-powerful hosting

tutanota ( tutamail )
features :
-medium banning
-easily use ( webmail , mobile and desktop client )
-powerful hosting

fonix team – xinof ransomware

سرویس باج افزاری تیم فونیکس :
باج افزار XINOF با تمرکز بر امنیت و سرعت آماده ی همکاری با شماست.بعضی از مهم ترین ویژگی های باج افزار :*کریپت هر فایل با یک کلید و iv منحصر به فرد و کریپت کلید ها با RSA 2048
*رمزنگاری تعدادی از فایل ها با الگوریتم salsa20 و بقیه فایل ها با chacha20 جهت دشوار سازی عمل مهندسی معکوس و دیکریپت شدن باج افزار
* نوشته شده به زبان ++C و استفاده از زبان سطح پایین Assembly برای افزایش سرعت
*سرعت بسیار بالا در اینکریپت فایل ها
*کریپت به صورت مولتی تردینگ(کریپت همه درایو ها به صورت همزمان)
*دارای چندین روش قدرتمند مبهم سازی کد ،رشته ها ،توابع و کتابخانه ها ،امضای برنامه
*پاک کردن تمامی بکاپ های سیستم و همچنین غیرفعال کردن کامل سیستم ریستور (shadow copy)
*حذف تمامی لاگ ها برای امنیت شما
*غیر فعال سازی قابلیت های ویندوز مثل سرچ، آیتم های تسک بار، سیستم بکاپ و…——————————————————————
جهت اطلاع بیشتر از نحوه همکاری ، اخبار و آپدیت ها در کانال
باج افزار (@FonixRansomware) عضو شوید.
و برای شروع همکاری به ایدی (@FonixCrypter) پیام دهید.XINOF Ransomware V3 Released!!!


عد از 3 روز کاری ورژن 3.3 باج افزار XINOF منتشر شد!
در این نسخه بیشتر روی رفع ایرادات و بهبود فرایند کریپت کار شده.برخی از ویژگی های اضافه شده :* نمایش ایمیل و اطلاعات تماس هنگام لاگین (login message )
* نمایش ایمیل و اطلاعات تماس در قسمت system properties و در قسمت settings
* کاهش حجم باج افزار
* بهبود کلی فرایند کریپت
* رفع ایرادات و مشکلات
* کریپت کامل فولدر ها و فایل های خاص
* بهبود استارت آپ باج افزار
* رفع کرش های احتمالی
* سبک شدن باج افزار و در نتیجه بهبود کلی اجرای باج افزار
* و بهبود های جزئی دیگربرای دریافت نسخه جدید، ارائه پیشنهاد و گزارش اشکال به آیدی @FonixCrypter پیغام دهید.#XINOF #Ransomware #RaaS #Crypter
#معرفی #updateتیم فونیکس – باج افزار XINOF