Russian MoD- 80P6 radar station created by RTI JSC as part of the MRIK-VKO R&D project – Smolensk

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation is locating the 80P6 radar station created by RTI JSC as part of the MRIK-VKO R&D project in the area in the settlement. Mityuli of the Smolensk region.

The external view of the antenna post of the product “MRIK-VKO” is published in the magazine “Intellect & Technologies” No. 2 (14) 2016, this building is produced by JSC “RTI”. The article on page 59 considered the methodology for creating a new generation of missile defense radars (Fig. 1).

In the presentation of PJSC “Yaroslavl Radiozavod” from 2018. product 80P6 was also classified as an early warning system (Fig. 2).

JSC “RTI”, on its website indicates:
The multifunctional reconnaissance and information complex (MRIK) is designed for:
– increasing the efficiency of solving aerospace defense problems in the most important missile-hazardous areas;
– solving problems of information support of the formed aerospace defense connections, as well as mobile complexes;
– information support for tests and combat training launches of domestic ballistic missiles in the areas of test ranges.

In the terms of reference for the design of the technical position of the product 80P6 (object code “1960”), the maximum electrical power consumed by the product itself is indicated – 1840 kW, which makes it possible to roughly estimate the power of the station for radiation at 800-1000 kW.

The location of the projected object “1960” is indicated in the TZ as: “7 km south-west of military unit 55840 (Shatalovo airfield)”. There are no traces of the construction of a new facility in this area; the only existing military facility in this area is military unit 23476 (branch of military unit 42685) from the 12th Main Directorate of the RF Ministry of Defense (Fig. 3), which provides Shatalovo airfield with special products. Satellite images of the military unit’s territory show that since the second half of 2019, a container-type product has been deployed on the southeastern site (54 ° 18’23.51 “С 32 ° 21’38.65” E) (Fig. 4). Unfortunately, the quality of the images does not allow us to reliably determine the configuration and purpose of the object. If it is a radar, then it is oriented in the south-west direction, with the axis of the sector of view to Poland.