Advice from Fascists in the Wake of Their Attack on the Capitol


Dear American Nationalists from all kinds, Conservatives & Trumpists, Libertarians & Anarcho-Capitalists, Royalists & Clerical-minded people, Fascists & National-Socialists,, this is a post directed to you

At this point all the tips have already been given and we believe that you, dear reader, already understood that:
— Police & Security Forces are not your allies
— Traitors are everywhere. Everywhere.
— Massive Censorship in mainstream social medias is imminent.

Therefore, before everything goes down finally:
— Prepare
— Organize
— Observe
— Expand

For months, you, Americans have witnessed your country and your people being undermined and subjugated with a clear and cruel Color Revolution, perhaps the longest and most obnoxious one

However, if the flames of a (Counter) Revolution, that is, a Konservative Revolution, born as a reaction of the forgotten man of America, come back shine in America, definitely DO NOT LOSE THE MOMENTUM.

Weekly Reminder
Telegram OpSec!

Keep The Jews, Journos, “Security Researchers,” Commies, Antifa, and other Faggots (collectively known as Hasbara Turbo-Kikes) from doxxing you!

Go to Settings ➜ Privacy & Security

➊ Phone Number ⇒ Nobody

➋ Turn on a local passcode
Password protects Telegram on that device.

➌ Turn on Two-Step Verification with a Cloud Password.
This is so when you authorize a new device it requires both a SMS code sent to the number you registered with & a password you define.

Bonus Item:
Do not use your cellular number when signing up for Telegram, use a service for this such as Google Voice that is in no way traceable to you.

➍ Voice Calls ⇒ Nobody

➎ Inside Voice Calls ⇒ Use Peer to Peer ⇒ Nobody

Under Settings ➜ Edit Profile
(Coming dressed)

➏ Set a Profile Picture

➐ Choose an @
Capitalize all Ls in your username.

When Adding a Contact

➑ Always uncheck the box to Share My Phone Number.
This is checked by default.

Enjoy Free Speech & Fuck The Jews!

Imagine how demoralizing it will be for half the nation to see hundreds of videos and testimonies of voter fraud, statistical proof even, and be forced to accept Biden won. Thats the real blow they’re after. Because if this is acceptable, gun grabs through red flag laws are a walk in the park.

If this is unacceptable to you, make plans to [voice your opinion] at your local [critical infrastructure location].

Make no mistake, they are carefully crafting their white supremacist terrorist narrative right now. They don’t need false flags or crisis actors. Just 100% control over the media and tech will do just fine.

Start networking, planning, prepping. Print topo maps of your local area. Get your bug out bags ready and skills sharpened. Make lots of close friends. If Trump stays in we will know that they are still slow boiling the frog and need a steam letoff valve. If they ram Biden in…. that means whatever is about to happen they need complete control over government. And all you have control over is how ready you are when that day comes.