Welcome to CyberArmy – an independant army / union of over 45,000 Internet users, fighting for a free and independant internet

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What is Zebulun?

Zebulun cannot be explained, or discussed… it can only be experienced… but the following might help you decide whether to join up or not:

CyberArmy is a group of netizens who believe in a deregulated Internet, which is free from external control. We believe in providing tools to assist others who believe in a free Internet – we support Open Source. We campaign against those who abuse the free nature of the Internet. We believe that spammers, web based scammers, and malicious hackers are enemies of the Internet. We believe that the Internet can be self-regulated, and that we, as equipped and knowledgable netizens, can control and suppress abusers of the Internet, with legal methods, by consolidating together as a united CyberArmy. More info here.


CyberArmy soldiers swear by the following principles:

    1/ I hereby swear to fight for the principles of the CyberArmy. Read the above thing.

    2/ I swear to complete the orders assigned to me by a commanding officer (CO).

    3/ I will not be disloyal to the CyberArmy. Soldiers should respect the CyberArmy, and should not attack the reputation of the CyberArmy.

    4/ I will defend the CyberArmy from all agressors.

    5/ In all my actions, I will act for the good of the Internet, and bring honour to the CyberArmy.

    6/ I will not cheat any challenges given to me, and will expose all people trying to cheat or offering to help cheaters.

    7/ I will be excellent to all my fellow cyberarmy soldiers, and be excellent in general.