Reusable transport space system (MTKS) Tengyun

An interesting presentation on the prospects for the development of the program of Chinese manned and unmanned space vehicles until 2045,

including the program for the creation of the Chinese experimental orbital spacecraft, the reusable transport space system (MTKS) Tengyun, at the annual all-China space conference held under the auspices of the Chinese aerospace scientific and technical corporations (CASC).

Tengyun spaceplane

The group will also test a two-stage-to-orbit reusable spaceplane system by 2025. The Tengyun project aims to develop a reusable two-stage-to-orbit spaceplane which consists of planes for both stages.

Demonstration and verification of the Tengyun horizontal takeoff, horizontal landing (HTHL) spacecraft is to be completed by 2025. Tengyun is understood to be unrelated to an apparent September “reusable experimental spacecraft” test launched by a Long March 2F.

Tengyun will, according to previous reports, be capable of carrying both crew and cargo to orbit. It will also be able to release satellites into orbit. Zhang Hongwen of CASIC’s third research institute said in 2018 that the research was at an early stage.

CASIC intends to preliminarily finish the construction of the Xingyun project, an 80-satellite LEO narrowband Internet of Things constellation, by 2025. The group aims to launch 12 Xingyun 2-series satellites in 2021.