Israel’s water reservoir  infiltrated by Iranian hackers

[Forwarded from Quds Force News]

Israel’s water reservoir  infiltrated by Iranian hackers (as covered by Treadstone 71

On November 29, 2020, an Iranian hacker team called Unidentified TEAM announced on its Telegram channel that they had been able to infiltrate Israeli water facilities. And this was access to the yard so much that it was possible to change the water temperature and water pressure and cut off and turn on the tanks. Upon noticing the attack, the control system was immediately disconnected from the panel.

On December 3, the accuracy of this news was confirmed by the otorio research team and it caused a lot of noise in the foreign media !! This reservoir feeds on Kiryat Gat effluents, about this water reservoir: two effluent reservoirs, with a total collection volume of 4.5 million cubic meters, which allows annual water recycling with a volume of 7 million cubic meters – within the council The Yoav area opened in Shuffle. The two reservoirs were established by the JNF with a total investment of 33 million NIS and will be funded by the Water Commission and the Commission.