The Artsakh Defense Army continues to collect trophies

The Artsakh Defense Army continues to collect trophies. This time, the occupation soldiers from the 2025 military unit (Yevlakh) fell under the distribution

1. Qocayev Vuqar – warrant officer
2. ??? ???, 1997 – Jr. warrant officer
3. Səmədov Nicat, 1992
4. Əkbərov Nurlan, 1998 – lieutenant, platoon commander.
5. Dadaşov Ramal, 1995 – Jr. warrant officer
6. Novruzov Nicat, 1999 – Jr. warrant officer, head of the polygon(??)
7. Sadiqli Altay, 1998 – Jr. warrant officer

Either they didn’t post everything, but only officers and warrant officers, or they have already ran out of ordinary soldiers and conscripts. Either way we appreciate the using of the service of an extraordinary departure to hell from the Artsakh Defense Army.