Armed attack in the #Austrian capital

The Islamic State claimed responsibility for the terrorist attack in Vienna, Austria by publishing a photograph of the terrorist Abu Dujan Al-Albani.

VIENNA – Police Vienna confirms:

-Shots at 8pm
-Severeal attackers with rifles
-1 dead, many wounded
-1 attacker killed by police

[My guess is there are many more dead, as I saw footage that people probably didn’t survive]

VIENNA – This may be the attacker according to rumours on social media and various news outlets. Picture is from an amateur mini-football league.

He was from an Albanian family who originated in North Macedonia. He was born and raised in Austria. He was already convicted to 22 months and spent 8 months in jail for traveling to Turkey to join ISIS.

VIENNA – Additional footage. Second video is from Schottentor, a party street. This is esspecially interesting as today at 12pm the nation-wide lockdown in Austria would have been put into action and people wanted to celebrate until then. So there were a lot of people in the streets.


Attacker, victim and the cop that killed the terrorist were all Albanian

The media is talking about 7 dead (and more) and labeling it as a terror attack.


hooting has been reported in at least six different areas of #Vienna.
The assailants were armed with AK47 machine guns, and Vienna police killed one of them.
There have been no reports of Jews being killed or injured.
One person has been killed and several others injured so far, according to Vienna police.

We are still chasing gunmen and clashing with them.

#Austrian Army special forces have been sent to besiege Vienna.
Vienna’s security and municipal officials have urged people to refrain from passing through the city and using public transport.

Some preliminary and unconfirmed information indicates that at least one gunman was identified in the #Vienna attack.
The person has already supported #ISIS on social media.