Sep 30 Armenia Azerbaijan – Turkey Shoots Down Armenian Aircraft

Armenian side intercepts the conversation of Turkish F-16 pilots

The Azerbaijani Armed Forces use air-to-ground missiles. There are also Turkish F-16 fighters in the air. Pilots’ conversation in Turkish intercepted: Armenian Defense Ministry”

The Ministry of Defense of Armenia provided data on the losses of the Armed Forces of Azerbaijan for this minute:

• MLRS “Smerch”
• MLRS “Uragan”
• Dozens of other artillery and anti-tank installations
• Heavy flamethrower system “TOS 1”
• 11 tanks
• 3 BMP
• 6 armored personnel carriers.

— “Azerbaijan used aerial bomb when shelling Armenian territory

Representative of the Ministry of Defense Artsrun Hovhannisyan reported on the use of an aerial bomb by the Azerbaijani Armed Forces during the shelling of the territory of Armenia near Vardenis.

He showed a hole in the ground that was formed by the explosion.

Hovhannisyan also suggested that the enemy wanted to hit by rail, but missed by a few 100 meters”

“Nagorno-Karabakh forces employing a (Soviet-made) 9K111 Fagot ATGM against Azerbaijani forces.”

“Nagorno-Karabakh soldiers shooting at UAVs, likely loitering munitions, with their small arms.

You can hear the UAVs’ humming sound throughout the video.”

“The start of that video of Nagorno-Karabakh forces that presumably shows Armenian or Nagorno-Karabakh reinforcements arriving at the front.

You can see at least one destroyed tank on the drive up.”

— “Video showing air strikes and air defenses reportedly in Stepanakert.

Hard to be sure, but it appears surface-to-air missiles successfully engaged two aerial targets, likely UAVs”

In the north of Artsakh, the enemy is active. Artillery and air attack weapons are operating – Defense Ministry representative Artsrun Hovhannisyan.

The Ministry of Defense of Armenia published some video footage about the losses in the ranks of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces for the last day.

In the ranks of the Azerbaijani armed forces, 790 soldiers were killed and about 1,900 wounded. – representative of the Armenian defense Ministry Artsrun Hovhannisyan.

Turkish F-16 fighters strike at the northeast of Artsakh, in the Matakhis-Talish sector.

Turkish F-16 shot down a Su-25 of the Armenian Air Force.

Major of the Armenian Armed Forces Valery Danelin is the name of the SU-25 pilot shot down by a Turkish fighter